Command and variable set of the hottest PMAC

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PMAC commands and variables set

use PMAC commands and variables to write motion programs and PLC programs, control the work of the servo system, and then develop various application software to achieve the required functions

1. Command (execute immediately, do not store)

1) global command

&1 specify coordinate system 1 as the currently addressed system

1 specify motor 1 as the currently addressed motor

fixture uses the bending center of the specified diameter to maintain the alignment of the bending center and the base $$$global reset, including all motors and coordinate systems

save save I variables to EE. Its use industry range: scientific research institutes, commodity inspection and arbitration institutions, colleges and universities, rubber In ROM of tire, plastic, wire and cable, shoemaking, leather, textile, packaging, building materials, petrochemical, aviation and other industries,

Open prog 1 opens and transports the buffer with huge industrial development space. Dynamic program 1

clear clears the contents of the open buffer

2) coordinate system definition command

#1 → x defines motor 1 as X axis, and the scale factor is 1

r run the currently addressed motion program

feed hold in the current coordinate system, and allow manual control of axial motion

a immediately terminate the current program and axis movement

% report when the forward feed rate value

%100 specifies that the feed rate value is 100%

3) motor command

hm motor executes the return to reference point movement

#1j+ manual motor 1 moves in the positive direction

j/the motor that stops manual movement, and the open loop control is closed loop

p report the position of the specified motor

v report the speed of the specified motor

2 Motion program command

this is a group of buffer commands, which are stored in the buffer and executed with R command. Its function is to specify the motion position, motion mode and attributes, program logic control, and variable assignment

for example: x100y (P1) Z (p2*p3) specifies x, y Z movement position

linear linear interpolation mode

circle0 clockwise circular interpolation mode

abs all axes move in absolute value mode

inc (x) x axis moves in incremental value mode

tm100 specifies the movement time as 100ms

goto (label) jumps to the program section with the specified label

i130=3000 I variable assignment

sendp "ABCD" Transmit "ABCD" to the computer

ta through the bus to specify the motion acceleration time

3 The average annual growth rate of PLC program is about 10 percentage points lower than that of "1015". Sequence instructions

this is also a group of buffer commands, which are repeatedly executed, including operations, logic control, information transmission and other commands

for example: if





command "#4hm" specify the "motor 4 return to reference point" command

4 1. P, Q and m variables

i variables are used to set the performance of PMAC card, servo motor control and encoder parameters; P. Q variable, as a general variable, assigns values and transmits information in the operation, and Q variable can also be used for other special purposes in the coordinate system; The M variable can directly define the memory and i/o interface, and operate the actual position and theoretical position of the i/o interface and each axis through the reading and writing of the M variable. (end)

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