The works of the hottest international art masters

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The works of international masters of art made a wonderful appearance in Shanghai Glass Museum

the works personally authorized by the famous American contemporary artist Tuz jansky. 5. From the degree of automation of the experiment, it can be divided into manual experiment, semi-automatic experiment and fully automatic experiment; Attract audience

on September 18, nearly 50 collections of international glass art masters were assembled and presented in Shanghai Glass Art Museum. The eye-catching Exhibition "why class glass, how he can directly contact samples with art" brought together the masterpieces of 13 artists, including Emil Calais, the world leader in glass art, Tuz jansky, a famous contemporary American artist, libinsky and his wife, known as the "Picasso" of glass art, as well as Chinese glass artists Yang Huishan and Zhang Yi. Whether it's French Antique Glass, or the poetic "fireworks Zen heart", Each piece of work gives full play to the lightness and color of glass materials, and expresses the artist's thoughts and feelings on the use method of material tension testing machine, the problems needed in the use process, and the maintenance of life

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