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Industry and information technology 2014 review: manufacturing power strategy opens a new chapter

industry and information technology 2014 review: manufacturing power strategy opens a new chapter

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in the competition of the new round of industrial revolution, all 3D printing materials of windform series can be CNC processed and machined with processing equipment. China is already in the middle and late stage of industrialization, We must accelerate the realization of the development goal of manufacturing industry from big to strong. Manufacturing industry from big to strong is not only the inevitable choice of history and the internal law of development, but also the urgent need of reality. Accelerating the construction of a powerful manufacturing country is not only the historical mission entrusted by the times to the manufacturing industry, but also a strategic choice to adapt to China's national conditions

The strategy of building a strong country is a major strategic deployment made by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council from the strategic height of enhancing international competitiveness, enhancing comprehensive national strength and ensuring national security. It is an important decision related to China's future long-term development. At the key node of the manufacturing power strategy, the understanding of its importance should also be put on the agenda

implementing the manufacturing power strategy is a necessary choice to deal with the international competition pattern. Since the international financial crisis, developed countries in Europe and the United States have launched the "Reindustrialization" strategy, trying to seize the commanding height of international competition. The United States has formulated the national strategic plan for advanced manufacturing, Germany has launched the "industry 4.0" strategy, and Japan has released the manufacturing competition strategy to strengthen the forward-looking layout of advanced manufacturing. At the same time, emerging countries also regard manufacturing as the foundation of their country, hoping to use cost advantages to achieve the goal of becoming an industrial power. With the profound changes in the development pattern of the global manufacturing industry, China's manufacturing industry is facing the dual challenge of "back and forth attack" from developed countries and developing countries. If China wants to win in the new pattern, it can only accelerate the realization of manufacturing industry from big to strong

implementing the manufacturing power strategy is the need to seize a new round of industrial commanding heights. The new round of industrial revolution continues to give birth to new technologies, new products, new formats and new models. Scientific and technological innovation is promoting profound changes in the production and lifestyle of human society. In particular, the integration of information technology and manufacturing technology, as well as major breakthroughs in big data, cloud computing, 3D printing, new energy, new materials and other technologies, will have a disruptive and revolutionary impact on the production mode and development mode of the manufacturing industry, and will reshape the development pattern of the global manufacturing industry. Whoever seizes the opportunity of the scientific and technological revolution can take the initiative in development. China has missed the opportunity of two industrial revolutions. Facing the new historical opportunity, we have no reason to miss it again. We must work hard and make a difference. To seize the commanding height of a new round of industrial competition, China can only accelerate the transformation of manufacturing industry from big to strong

implementing the manufacturing power strategy is an important guarantee for realizing the two Centennial dreams. The 18th CPC National Congress put forward the goal of "two hundred years". Industry is the foundation of our country. Historical experience has repeatedly proved that industry has always been the foundation of the economic and social development of a country and region. The core of realizing the Chinese dream and the dream of becoming a powerful country is to strengthen the national strength. Among them, the new fatigue testing machine of Jinan experimental machine factory includes both national defense strength and economic strength. The core of economic strength is manufacturing. Manufacturing is the core and main body of a country, the support of the national economy and the important guarantee of national defense security, which can best reflect the strength of the country. Developed countries have not given up manufacturing industry after completing the task of industrialization, and still play a leading role in the global manufacturing industry. Manufacturing powers are still concentrated in developed countries. To become a real economic power, China can only accelerate the transformation of manufacturing industry from big to strong

the formulation of the strategy of building a strong manufacturing country has a clear connection between the preceding and the following. Equipment manufacturing industry is a basic and strategic industry that provides technical equipment for all industries of the national economy and national defense construction, and has been highly valued by the Party Central Committee and the State Council. Thirty years ago, on July 12, 1983, the State Council issued the "decision on speeding up the development of major technical equipment", namely, Guo Fa No. 110. Since then, the development of major technical equipment in China has risen to a national strategy, and the journey of autonomy has begun. Since then, the 16th, 17th and 18th CPC national congresses have raised the revitalization and development of the equipment manufacturing industry to a very important height. Developing equipment manufacturing industry is an important national policy that must be adhered to for a long time, and the manufacturing power strategy came into being

the proposal of the strategy of building a powerful country is timely. In recent years, the Ministry of industry and information technology has implemented special projects such as strengthening the industrial base, high-end equipment manufacturing and technological transformation, and has made considerable progress. China's nuclear power, large hydropower, thermal power, ultra-high voltage DC power transmission and transformation, large lifting equipment and other high-end equipment have ranked among the world's advanced ranks. Some products in relatively weak machine tools, agricultural machinery, basic parts and other industries also have strong international competitiveness, laying the foundation for the realization of the machinery industry from large to strong. After more than 60 years of development, especially more than 30 years of reform and opening up, China's manufacturing industry has already had the foundation and conditions to move forward to a powerful country, which is the best period to put forward the strategy of manufacturing a powerful country

the core of the manufacturing power strategy is to develop strengths and circumvent weaknesses and layout high-end. The high-end equipment manufacturing industry is "the most important weapon of the country", the main battlefield for building a manufacturing power in an all-round way, and the sharp weapon for the strategic victory of a manufacturing power. To implement the strategy of building a strong manufacturing country, we must attach great importance to the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, accelerate the structural adjustment of key industries, and strive to achieve major breakthroughs in several key areas that Guangya aluminum plans to spend three years. Focus on high-end fields such as intelligent manufacturing, energy-saving and new energy vehicles, power equipment, rail transit equipment, aviation equipment, etc., concentrate on resource advantages, and increase the research on forward-looking and strategic issues in the development of major technical equipment. In the field of strategic emerging industries, all of them have returned to the same starting line at the same time. Our implementation of the manufacturing power strategy is to aim at the international cutting-edge technology, hold high, narrow the gap with developed countries, and strive to become the leader of the new technological revolution

the implementation of the strategy of building a powerful country should be carried out steadily and step by step. The construction of a manufacturing power is a systematic project, which needs to be promoted in stages and cannot be achieved overnight. In 65 years, we have crossed the industrialization process of developed countries for more than 100 years and successfully entered the middle and late stage of industrialization. Although we already have the industrial foundation and conditions, problems such as weak independent innovation ability, prominent product quality problems, low resource utilization efficiency, unreasonable industrial structure and weak capacity of high-end products still exist. Therefore, we need to complete the strategic transformation from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power in steps and stages. We need to achieve a "qualitative" breakthrough and leap on the basis of catching up with and surpassing the scale. We need to catch up with and surpass Germany and Japan in terms of core competitiveness, and then move towards the first camp of manufacturing power

2015 is destined to be an extraordinary year. The 12th Five Year Plan ends and the 13th five year plan starts. At the beginning of the new year, the horn of "building a powerful country" has sounded. For a long time to come, as a programmatic document and action guide for China's industry to change from big to strong, the "flag" of manufacturing power will lead and accelerate China's march towards manufacturing power camp

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