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National new industrialization industry demonstration base 2017 work points release

national new industrialization industry demonstration base 2017 work points release

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it was learned from the Ministry of industry and information technology on March 27 that the "national new industrialization industry demonstration base 2017 work points" was recently issued. The key points include: first, thoroughly implement "made in China 2025" and accelerate innovative green development; 2、 Deepen the supply side structural reform; 3、 Implement major national regional strategies and reform tasks; 4、 Improve the working system of the demonstration base

key points of 2017 work of the national new industrialization industry demonstration base (full text)

2017 is the year of in-depth implementation of the 13th five year plan, and also the key year to comprehensively promote the achievement of "made in China 2025". The national new industrialization industry demonstration base (hereinafter referred to as the national demonstration base) is an important carrier carrying the timing tasks, key industries and major projects of the "made in China 2025" strategy. In order to thoroughly implement "made in China 2025", implement the "guiding opinions on further promoting the construction of new industrialization industry demonstration base" and the "2017 work points of the Ministry of industry and information technology", the 2017 work points of the demonstration base are hereby formulated as follows:

provincial court I. deeply implement "made in China 2025" and accelerate innovative green development

(I) implement the excellence improvement plan of the demonstration base

1 Study and formulate the implementation plan of the excellence improvement plan of the "made in China 2025" demonstration base, carry out the selection of the first batch of excellence improvement pilot projects, and create the "made in China 2025" demonstration area through cultivation and creation, so as to become an advanced manufacturing base with global influence and competitiveness

2. Jointly with the local government of the excellence improvement pilot of the "made in China 2025" demonstration base, timely publicize and report the progress of the excellence improvement plan and the work progress of the first batch of excellence improvement pilot objects

(II) strengthen the construction of manufacturing collaborative innovation platform

3 Relying on the existing innovation platform of the national demonstration base, we will cooperate with relevant enterprises, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities and other innovation entities to promote the construction of regional manufacturing innovation centers, provide public services to promote manufacturing innovation, and strengthen the research, development and transformation of key technologies common to the industry

4. Select new generation information technology, new materials, high-end equipment and other emerging industries, focus on the promotion and application links, and focus on supporting the construction of a number of new product promotion and application centers in the national demonstration base

(III) implement the industrial foundation project

5 Encourage the intensive development of "four basic" enterprises, cultivate and build a number of industrial clusters with distinctive characteristics and international competitive advantages around the basic products and technologies in key areas, relying on demonstration bases, and lead and promote the implementation of the "strong industrial base" project

6. Relying mainly on the national demonstration base, we will promote the implementation of a "package" of breakthroughs in the "four Basics" field in the new generation of information technology, rail transit equipment, high-end CNC machine tools and other ten fields

(IV) cultivate regional brand construction demonstration area

7 Support qualified demonstration bases to accelerate the cultivation of a number of regional brands of industrial clusters with high popularity, good reputation, strong competitiveness and high added value, and carry out pilot projects and demonstration areas of regional brand construction of industrial clusters

(V) promote green manufacturing system

8 We will pilot the construction of a green manufacturing system in the demonstration base, promote the green development of products, factories and parks, and support qualified demonstration bases to build green parks

(VI) carry out pilot demonstration of energy conservation and emission reduction

9 Implement DSM actions, form national DSM demonstration enterprises and parks in the industrial field, carry out demonstration and promotion in the demonstration base, play its leading role, and promote the optimization of energy resource allocation in the industrial field

10. We should support the pilot projects of centralized promotion and application of seawater desalination in demonstration bases in coastal areas, cultivate seawater desalination and green application industrial bases, and build seawater desalination devices of appropriate scale

II. Deepen supply side structural reform and cultivate new drivers of economic development

(VII) promote the construction of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" platforms

11 Priority should be given to the selection and construction of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" demonstration bases for large enterprises, and support the construction of open "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" platforms based on Internet and "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" service platforms for small and medium-sized enterprises

12. Encourage the demonstration base to carry out the construction of small and micro enterprise entrepreneurship and innovation base and apply for the national small and micro enterprise entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration base, and give priority to those who meet the conditions

(VIII) promote the development of interconnection + demonstration base

13 Take the national demonstration base as the core, actively create a national intelligent manufacturing demonstration zone, and promote intelligent manufacturing from the point breakthrough of leading enterprises to the overall improvement of regional manufacturing industry

14. Increase the experience summary and publicity and promotion of smart chemical parks (demonstration bases), learn from their successful experience, continue to select demonstration models in relevant demonstration bases, and promote the construction of smart parks

(IX) further promote the development of military civilian integration

15 We will support regions where conditions permit to take the national demonstration base as the basis and support, accelerate military civilian collaborative innovation, promote the deep integration of military and civilian industries, comprehensively promote the two-way transformation and application of military and civilian technologies, achievements, talents, information and other elements, and actively create a national military civilian integration innovation demonstration zone

(x) accelerate the establishment of bases in emerging industries

16 Support emerging industries to accelerate the development of clusters. In the application and review of demonstration bases, support data centers, industrial interconnection, big data (Cloud Computing) industry, security industry and emergency industry as emerging industrial fields to create national demonstration bases

(XI) promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries

17 Give priority to supporting the construction of creative design platforms (parks) in the national textile and clothing demonstration base, and carry out the selection and cultivation of textile and clothing creative design pilot demonstration

18. Give full play to the leading and carrier role of the demonstration base, promote industrial transfer cooperation, support cross regional cooperation to build industrial parks, and pay close attention to the construction of industrial transfer cooperation demonstration parks

19. Among the national demonstration bases, priority should be given to the construction of "smart clusters", and a number of key industrial clusters with standardized management, high industrial agglomeration, strong innovation ability, good informatization foundation and great guiding and driving role should be selected to carry out the cultivation and construction of "smart clusters"

III. implement national major regional strategies and reform tasks, and improve relevant support measures

(XII) undertake the implementation of national major regional strategies

20 Guide the Beijing Tianjin Hebei demonstration base to establish a close and long-term cooperation mechanism, strengthen mutual exchange, cooperation and experience sharing, and take the national demonstration base as an important carrier to deepen the coordinated development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei industry and promote industrial upgrading and transfer

21. The "guidelines for the implementation of world-class industrial clusters in the Yangtze River Economic Belt" was issued to build five world-class industrial clusters, including electronic information, high-end equipment, automobiles, household appliances and textiles, relying on national demonstration bases

22. Relying on key national demonstration bases and their backbone enterprises, promote the construction of industrial cooperation parks along the "the Belt and Road"

23. We should encourage and guide the development of industrial agglomeration in key areas such as poverty-stricken areas, old revolutionary base areas and border areas, support local governments with conditions to cultivate demonstration bases, drive industrial poverty alleviation, and enhance endogenous momentum

(XIII) promote the exploration and innovation of mechanism mode

24 Implement the "several opinions of the general office of the national energy academy on accurately and rapidly testing the static load strength of various sleepers on promoting the reform and innovative development of the development zone" (GBF [2017] No. 7), promote the park represented by the demonstration base, actively explore institutional and mechanism innovation, improve the management system and policy system, and further enhance the functional advantages and development strength of the demonstration base

25. Further play the role of the cooperation mechanism between the Ministry of industry and information technology and China Development Bank, CITIC Group and other countries, and explore new cooperation modes and mechanisms for innovative financial institutions, social capital and various funds to support the construction and upgrading of national demonstration bases

(XIV) strengthen talent training

26 Strengthen the construction of professional and technical talents, support the cooperation between the universities and research institutes under the Ministry and the national demonstration base and the backbone enterprises in the base, jointly build the postgraduate training (Internship) base and the industry public (common) technology platform, and organize the implementation of the "doctoral service group" and "expert service group" actions of the demonstration base

27. Build a high-level management talent team, give priority to the selection of excellent management talents of small and medium-sized enterprises in the national demonstration base, participate in the project of improving the quality of enterprise management talents, and cultivate a number of leading talents in the management of small and medium-sized enterprises

28. Strengthen the training of skilled talents, build a docking platform between schools and enterprises, strengthen the cooperation between demonstration bases and vocational colleges, and cultivate scarce industrial workers and senior technicians. Support the national demonstration base to establish high skilled talent training centers and skill master studios

(XV) increase the publicity of the work of the demonstration base

29 Hold a press conference to publicize the progress and results of the work of the demonstration base, introduce the ideas and measures to further promote the work of the demonstration base during the 13th five year plan, put forward the key work arrangements for 2017, and publicize, interpret and publish important policies, important measures, important achievements and other information

(XVI) display the achievements of the demonstration base

30 At the "made in China 2025" achievement exhibition, the main achievements and typical experiences of the demonstration base in implementing and promoting the "made in China 2025" will be displayed, and the annual development report of the demonstration base will be guided to expand the brand effect and social influence of the demonstration base

IV. improve the working system of demonstration bases and improve the level of creation and management

(XVII) carry out the application and review of a new batch of demonstration bases

31 Improve the internal working procedures of the national demonstration base, strengthen the organization and leadership of the establishment of the demonstration base, and further standardize the process and requirements of the evaluation and management of the national demonstration base

32. Organize the declaration and evaluation of national demonstration bases in 2017, and select "advantageous industrial demonstration bases with outstanding economies of scale" and the first batch of "characteristic industrial demonstration bases with strong competitiveness in specialized subdivisions"

33. Implement the guiding opinions of the general office of the State Council on improving the assessment system of national economic and technological development zones and promoting innovation driven development (GBF [2016] No. 14) and the opinions of the general office of the State Council on promoting the reform and innovative development of development zones (GBF [2017] No. 7), support the well-developed national economic development zones and other development zones, actively create national demonstration bases and create a leading area for the development of new industrialization, Enhance the core competitiveness of the industry

(XVIII) carry out the first demonstration base development quality evaluation

34 Improve the development quality evaluation index system and evaluation work plan of national demonstration bases, and carry out the first development quality evaluation of 333 national demonstration bases in combination with the annual development data of demonstration bases and other information

35. Strengthen the hierarchical guidance and dynamic management of national demonstration bases, combine the results of comprehensive evaluation of development quality, improve the exit mechanism of national demonstration bases, and further maintain the progressiveness of the development of national demonstration bases

(XIX) building regional and industrial platforms

36 Guide the chemical industry park Committee of Sinopec Federation to promote the establishment of alliances in petrochemical and chemical industry demonstration bases

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