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The 2013 annual work summary of Jiangsu valve industry association

after the change of the term, in the work of nearly four months after the restoration, with the joint efforts of all governing units and member units, the association has operated well and done a lot of effective work. At the same time, the eighth general meeting of Jiangsu valve association was held for re-election and re-election, resulting in a new governing body

after the re-election, in the work of nearly four months after the restoration, with the joint efforts of all governing units and member units, the association has operated well and done a lot of effective work. At the same time, the eighth general meeting of Jiangsu valve association was held for re-election, a new governing body was formed, the handover of the Secretariat, the permanent body of Jiangsu Valve Association, was completed, and the office address of the association was smoothly moved from Nanjing to Suzhou. The association carries out daily work normally; After the normal work of the association, the cohesion of the association has been enhanced and the effective role of the industry association has also been played. Therefore, the work of the association in 2013 is summarized and the work of the next year is planned, so as to further improve the work of Jiangsu Valve Association

first, the general assembly was held smoothly and the handover of the association was well done.

in October 2012, Jiangsu Provincial Commission of economy and information technology clarified the spirit of the valve industry association to be directly responsible for the industry leading enterprises, and determined that China Nuclear Technology Corporation would act as its chairman unit. The general manager of the new chairman unit, Zhang zonglie, and the Secretary of the Party committee, Chen Jianping, led the team, and successively visited Nantong film and Changzhou film and the form of Suzhou film Symposium, Discuss and communicate with the main leaders of the main backbone valve enterprises in our province. On the basis of soliciting the opinions of the main backbone enterprises, it was agreed to hold the new general meeting of Jiangsu Valve Association and re elect the Council of the association. After brewing and election, a new Council was elected. Then, the preparatory meeting of the main governing units of the general assembly was held, which mainly discussed the main agenda of the eighth General Assembly of Jiangsu Valve Association, including the preliminary determination of the list of leaders of the new association, the review of the work report of the association and the new association articles of association and other meeting materials. The preparatory meeting was jointly prepared by the Secretariat of Jiangsu Valve Association and the new president unit (China Nuclear Science and Technology). The meeting agreed to be held in Suzhou on June 18

the main leaders and representatives of the enterprises attending the meeting focused on the articles of association of the association and the list of the board of directors of the new association, including the recommendation of 3 executive vice presidents, 12 vice presidents, 15 executive director units, 10 director units, 37 member units, a total of 78 member units. And the list of the secretary general, as well as the work report of the association, the 12th Five year development plan of Jiangsu valve industry, and the collection method of membership dues of Jiangsu Valve Association

on June 18, Jiangsu valve industry association held the eighth general meeting in Suzhou Conference Center, which is also the general meeting of the re-election of Jiangsu valve industry association. After the preparation of the new and old associations in the early stage, more than 80 leaders and enterprise representatives participated in the general meeting. At the meeting, the work report of Jiangsu Valve Association, the articles of association of Jiangsu Valve Association "Jiangsu Valve Association membership fee collection and management measures (Draft)" "outline of the 12th Five Year Plan for the development of Jiangsu valve industry", and "2013 work project plan and Implementation Opinions of Jiangsu Valve Association", etc

at the meeting, Zhang zonglie, the new chairman of Jiangsu Valve Association, made a speech. He said that he would lead the development process of innovation in Jiangsu valve industry, continue to build the brand advantages of Jiangsu valves, make the production and manufacturing base of Jiangsu valves stronger and larger, establish good quality advantages at home and abroad, and further explore domestic and foreign markets

song Yinli, Secretary General of China Valve Association, delivered a speech at the meeting. He stressed that the smooth transition of Jiangsu Valve Association will surely drive Jiangsu valve industry to open a new situation; It is hoped that Jiangsu Valve Association will promote the upgrading of valve industry, make more efforts in product structure, build Jiangsu valve industry into an important production base with first-class quality and the best market reputation in China, and realize the dream of becoming a powerful valve country as soon as possible

after the successful re-election of the association, the specific work and implementation requirements of the association were carried out, the transfer of the permanent organization Secretariat of Jiangsu valve association was completed, the legal person registration certificate and code certificate were changed, the bank account was transferred, and the office address of the association was also moved from Nanjing to Suzhou Zhonghe technology company. The Secretariat of the association operates normally. Including the daily work of the association and the office setting of the association. The association has set up a special office with complete office facilities and communication facilities to ensure the normal operation of the association in Suzhou. After the general meeting of the association was held, all aspects of the work of Jiangsu Valve Association returned to normal

second, do a good job in the collection of membership dues to ensure the normal expenditure of the association

doing a good job in the membership dues of the association is a necessary work to ensure the normal activities of the industry. According to the fund management measures of Jiangsu Valve Industry Association agreed by the Council of the association, the association manages the membership dues, makes good use of the membership dues handed in by each enterprise, and carries out the work and activities of the association normally

the source of the association mainly depends on the membership dues and other income paid by member enterprises, which needs financial support. Therefore, we do a good job in the collection and payment of membership dues after the experiment according to the formulation of membership dues collection methods and fund management methods, which has been strongly supported by member enterprises! The determined payment standard of membership dues is also appropriately increased on the original basis. After paying the 2013 annual membership fee notice, it was supported and strongly supported by member enterprises. The vice president, executive director and governing units of the association have taken the lead in paying the membership fees. The association has also carried out the collection of relevant enterprises, as well as issuing bills and entering accounts. By the end of December, the collection and payment rate is 90%, and the collection and payment of membership fees is 32%. About 560000 yuan; There are 78 member units in total, including 43 Enterprises above the director unit, 41 of which have been paid and 2 of which have not been paid, accounting for 95%; There are 35 member units in total, of which 28 have been paid and 7 have not, accounting for 82%. To calculate, the trade fair fees collected by the association this year are relatively ideal, and the actual amount collected is the sum of the membership fees of the previous eight years, which marks the great support of member enterprises for the work of the association. The association has made statistics and summarized and announced the member units that receive and pay membership fees

at the same time, the association establishes the financial system and reimbursement system of the association, and the collection and payment account of membership fees. Strictly implement the two-line system of financial reporting and revenue and expenditure, equip two part-time accountants and cashier accountants, establish financial revenue and expenditure accounts, standardize financial systems, and manage the revenue and expenditure accounts of the association

due to the fund income of our association, we have undertaken nearly 50000 yuan of conference expenses for the general meeting of Valve Association members held in June and the working meeting of Valve Association governing units held in November. It also paid the cost of opening the station, the salary of the staff employed, as well as the travel expenses. Usual mailing expenses, printing envelopes and other expenses

III. organizing relevant exhibition activities and providing services for members

carrying out industrial activities is the main work of the association to harmonize members. To this end, the association has carried out a series of industry activities. In mid August (August 16-20), Jiangsu Valve Association organized member units to participate in the first "China high end valve Expo" held in Anshan, and visited major member units with the head of the Investment Promotion Bureau of Anshan Economic Development Zone to implement specific exhibition matters. During the visit, the chairman and general manager of these member enterprises were informed of the economic operation of Jiangsu valve industry, and accompanied by them, they visited the production site and economic operation of each enterprise to understand the recent production and sales status of these enterprises. Enhanced links between industries

in this regard, the association organized member units to participate in the "Liaoning Anshan valve Exhibition", organized to participate in the Anshan high-end valve industry expo, and issued an exhibition notice. Together with the Anshan Management Committee, the association invited them to introduce the situation of this high-end valve industry park. During this period, it was recognized by member units, and more than 10 enterprises signed up to participate in this activity

on October, more than 10 member enterprises and leaders of Jiangsu Valve Association participated in the Expo, including China nuclear technology, Jiangsu Shentong valve, Yangzhou power equipment repair and manufacturing plant, Nantong Power station valve, Changzhou power station auxiliary equipment factory, Suzhou sidade valve, Yangzhou valve factory, Suzhou Delan energy technology, Wuxi Baoding valve industry, Suzhou sidade mechanical automatic control valve, Nanjing Zeshan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd More than 10 member enterprises, including Binhai County pump and valve industry association, made a special trip to Anshan to participate in this activity, with nearly 100 participants from Jiangsu Province

at the same time, our association also organized member enterprises to participate in the "2013 valve Asia Expo and seminar" held in Suzhou in mid June, so as to do some relevant auxiliary work for member enterprises and let them participate smoothly

IV. hold a working meeting of the directors of the valve association to determine the specific work of the association

according to the working arrangement of the association, the association held a working meeting of all the director units in Qidong, Jiangsu Province on November 7. The main topics are: how to do a good job of the main work of Jiangsu Valve Association this year, discuss the work plan of Jiangsu Valve Association next year, and discuss some problems existing in the work of the industry association, In order to further improve the management of Jiangsu Valve Association, give play to the regional advantages of Jiangsu valve industry, further build Jiangsu high-end valve industry base, and promote the overall improvement of the development level of Jiangsu valve industry. The meeting was actively supported by Enterprises above the governing unit. The enterprise leaders of the relevant governing units attended the meeting in person, and more than 40 enterprises attended the meeting. The meeting achieved satisfactory results and achieved the purpose of the meeting

the relevant materials of Jiangsu Valve Association were distributed at the working meeting of Jiangsu Valve Association: mainly including the topics submitted to the working meeting of Jiangsu Valve Association for consideration; List of governing units and member units of the Eighth Council of Jiangsu Valve Association; The collection and payment of membership fees of Jiangsu Valve Association in 2013; Contact list of member factories of Jiangsu Valve Association; Notice on the official operation of Jiangsu Valve Association station; The completion of the work plan of Jiangsu Valve Association in the second half of 2013; Working regulations of the Secretariat of Jiangsu Valve Association; Jiangsu Valve Association station information release management system; Financial affairs system of Jiangsu Valve Association; 2014 annual association work plan of Jiangsu Valve Association; Sample statistical summary of major economic indicators of member enterprises of Jiangsu Valve Association in 2013; Jiangsu Valve Association's announcement and other materials about deleting the two governing units that do not fulfill the obligations of the association and the fake members of Jiangsu Valve Association were submitted to all leaders present at the meeting for deliberation, and these Association documents were passed through to improve the technology and product level. After the meeting, the minutes of the meeting were distributed to member units

then, the meeting made a speech. According to the relevant deliberation topics of Jiangsu Valve Association and the documents of relevant associations, the leaders of the meeting put forward many suggestions and practices on how to do a good job in the work of Jiangsu Valve Association, mainly including: integrating the resources of Jiangsu Valve Association, implementing resource sharing, making use of Jiangsu's superior valve brand advantages and characteristic resources, and further building an important regional brand of high-end valves in Jiangsu. Strengthen communication with government departments, strive to get the attention of the government and have more project participation. Do a good job in all kinds of training in the valve industry, including training in technology, management, certification and other aspects, and improve the technical level of the management level of member enterprises. It is suggested to establish an industry technical expert consultation group to provide technical services for the industry; And set up a driving device branch,

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