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A total of 23 coating enterprises went bankrupt in the first half of the year. How far are you from "bankruptcy"

a total of 23 coating enterprises went bankrupt in the first half of the year. How far are you from "bankruptcy"

In 2019, a large number of coating enterprises, including Daqing Xuebao coating manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Hunan yuntu coating Engineering Co., Ltd., went bankrupt or ran away

in 2020, the impact of the COVID-19 will continue to cause the closure of coating enterprises. According to the Public Information Statistics announced by the people's court, 23 coating enterprises have declared bankruptcy (see the above table for the list) as of July 23 this year. Most of them are small and medium-sized enterprises serving local consumers in third and fourth tier cities

take Zhongshan Gordon coating Chemical Co., Ltd., which issued the bankruptcy announcement on May 23, as an example. It was established on September 3, 1999. Its business scope includes the professional production and processing of paint, coating, all-purpose adhesive, glass adhesive and other products, with a registered capital of 500000 yuan. According to the enterprise investigation data, the enterprise involved in private lending disputes, which eventually led to bankruptcy liquidation

at present, coating enterprises mainly finance through bank loans, financial leasing, private financing and other means. Due to the complicated bank loan procedures and long approval time, many small and medium-sized enterprises have to retreat to private financing for development. High interest has become a hidden danger of bankruptcy for most small and medium-sized enterprises. It is true that the early development of small and medium-sized enterprises needs funds, but all this should be built within the range that enterprises can bear

Daqing snow leopard paint manufacturing Co., Ltd., which has applied for bankruptcy,

at present, the financing environment of the paint industry has passed a sweet "love period", and the funds are gradually becoming rational. A large number of paint enterprises are "separated" from the new third board. The time when only relying on a "good story" can make money is gone forever, and the connection between high-quality capital and high-quality enterprises is getting higher and higher; While the channel has been steadily occupied by big brands, small and medium-sized coating enterprises need to leverage their capital by differentiation - either have their own core, these soft faults can be basically avoided or can solve them by themselves, or have a differentiated marketing model

therefore, the majority of small and medium-sized coating enterprises should always keep an eye on their own cash flow. They should calculate the company's various expenditures in two boxes and three boxes respectively, and plan the source of income and the source and time node of investment. Only in this way can they safely survive the "survival period". Otherwise, if they can't plan the fund raising in place, it will easily lead to the breakage of the capital chain. At that time, the day when the blood is cut off will be the time when the company will die

this is not alarmism. According to the list of "2020 list of listed coating enterprises making money in synthetic plastics business has seriously affected the company's future development", 10 coating or coating related enterprises, including Meijia new material, Yonghui chemical, Ruisen new material, fangdebona, Lianbang new material, xingarc coating, yiporcelain dragon, youboke, hangkai power and *st Letong, experienced a decline in both net profit and revenue, with most of them falling alone. It also reminds small and medium-sized enterprises that creating excellent products and quality services, as well as innovating business models, will always be the king way for the survival and development of enterprises

in fact, most of the bankruptcy reasons of most small and medium-sized coating enterprises are caused by the rupture of funds

according to the official data of China Coating Industry Association, the annual main business income of coatings in 2019 was 313.232 billion yuan, which was 315.011 billion yuan compared with the same period in 2018 (the same caliber data after revision), a year-on-year decrease of 0.6%. The overall market expansion of the industry is limited and the growth rate slows down. With the accelerated expansion of leading brands and consumption upgrading in recent years, people pay more attention to quality. Even though there are many coating segments, the development of small and medium-sized coating enterprises is becoming more and more serious

"bankruptcy" is not a new event for enterprises to change the name of a new company to "dowdupont", especially at this time

the general rise in the prices of raw and auxiliary materials, the sharp rise in production costs, the continuous rise in domestic labor prices, and the increase in adverse factors facing production and the market, coupled with the "black swan" attack at the beginning of the year, all these have made things worse. Not all paint enterprises will be listed in the "people's court announcement", and there are far more than 23 paint enterprises that have gone bankrupt in the market

these 23 enterprises are just a microcosm of today's paint market, representing the true portrayal of "fighting for survival" of most small and medium-sized paint enterprises in China. According to people familiar with the matter, one third of the coating enterprises may have died prematurely. For small and medium-sized coating enterprises, the first priority of development is to "survive". De capacity, upgrading and transformation have become the key to the breakthrough of coating enterprises

so, are you still far from bankruptcy

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