23 big trees can be saved by 1 ton of the hottest

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One ton of stone paper production can save 23 big trees

in Shangyu, Zhejiang Province, some people use stone to make paper. It sounds like a myth at first, but it will really come true in Shangyu Hangzhou Bay Industrial Park

recently, I learned in Shangyu that on a piece of paper made of stone, I wrote a few words with a pen. The writing is very smooth, which is no different from ordinary paper. With doubt, I ignited a piece of paper with a lighter. The paper made of stone can also burn

Duyonggang, executive deputy director of the industry park's management and experimental power peak persistence function Council, revealed that stone papermaking broke the traditional wood pulp papermaking process and was the result of more than 10 years of research and invention by Hong Kong Longmeng environmental protection paper (Group) Co., Ltd., while Shangyu took the soil to transplant this papermaking technology to make it industrialized

according to the recently signed cooperation agreement on environmental protection paper production project, the Industrial Park signed a memorandum of cooperation with Shanghai Lianqiu Investment Consulting Co., Ltd., Zhejiang yishuhao HVAC Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong Longmeng environmental protection paper (Group) Co., Ltd., with a total investment of US $100million in phase I

stone papermaking is currently the most advanced technology in the domestic paper industry. Its process flow is to grind the stone rich in calcium carbonate into powder, add resin, adhesive and other raw materials, and then dry and finely process it into paper. The reason why the paper made of stone can burn is that it contains 20% flammable resin

compared with traditional paper, this paper made of stone powder has the advantages of super water resistance, folding resistance, mold resistance, moth resistance and rapid degradation, and the printing color is very bright. Stone paper has high technology content, environmental protection and low cost. Compared with wood paper, it can save at least 30% of the cost per ton to learn the method of determining the fatigue limit of metal materials under symmetrical cycle

Mr. Lu Ruilong of Hong Kong Longmeng company said that papermaking with stone powder is completely in line with the principle of environmental protection. It neither cuts down trees nor pollutes water sources. It has no waste and can be recycled. Compared with the manufacturing of traditional wood pulp paper, this kind of high-tech environmental protection paper can save 23 trees per ton of production, and can be used in notebooks, paper bags, lunch boxes, etc. which have the function of skin friendly pens

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