2080 major construction projects in Xinjiang

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2080 major construction projects in Xinjiang are under construction.

the spring breeze blows across Xinjiang, and everything in the north and south of Tianshan is renewed. On April 7, a new round of construction upsurge swept across Xinjiang, and 2080 major construction projects started in earnest

these projects cover key areas such as infrastructure, advanced manufacturing, modern service industry and improving people's livelihood. They are not only a powerful starting point for Xinjiang to transform its mode, adjust its structure, supplement its weaknesses, increase its staying power and benefit people's livelihood, but also a clarion call for completing the target task of 1.5 trillion yuan of fixed asset investment this year

the curtain of the 2017 "commencement season" has been slowly opened. All regions and prefectures have joined the "commencement tide" with concerted efforts, rubbing their hands, full of confidence and seizing the day

Urumqi: on April 7, with the commencement of the comprehensive pipe gallery project of Urumqi East access elevated road, the construction of key projects in Urumqi this year began

on the same day, the author saw from the on-site construction drawing of the Dongjin elevated road comprehensive pipe gallery project that this pipe gallery is across the high tech Zone (new urban area) and Midong District, and it will serve the surrounding blocks including the airport. At the same time, the project forms a north-south echo with the comprehensive pipe gallery of the proposed north city trunk road, forming a large-scale pipe gallery system, which plays a very important role as a link

this year, Urumqi plans to implement 691 key projects, with an annual planned investment of 242.25 billion yuan. These key projects fall into 10 categories, including urban infrastructure, transportation, real estate and construction, trade circulation, ecological governance, social undertakings, manufacturing, energy, information industry, agriculture, forestry and water conservancy

Yili Prefecture: on the morning of April 7, at the construction site of Shenhua Guoneng cogeneration project in Yining City, Yili Prefecture directly under the State Council held a centralized commencement ceremony for major projects in 2017, officially opening the curtain on the intensive investment and construction of Yili Prefecture directly under the State Council

this year, Yili Prefecture took the investment pull project as the "No. 1 project" of this year's economic work, determined that the investment in fixed assets directly under Yili Prefecture will increase by 55% this year, 5% higher than the investment growth rate determined by the autonomous region, and completed an investment of 56billion yuan

it is understood that the first batch of 326 major projects directly under Yili Prefecture, involving water conservancy, highway, energy, people's livelihood, industry, ecology and stability maintenance, has a total investment of 130.42 billion yuan, with an annual planned investment of 33.03 billion yuan. Among them, there are 205 new projects, with a total investment of 55.53 billion yuan. This year, it is planned to complete an investment of 19.92 billion yuan; 121 resumption projects with a total investment of 74.89 billion yuan and an annual plan of 13.11 billion yuan

Changji Prefecture: following the commencement of the first batch of 700 key projects with a total investment of 187billion yuan, on April 7, the centralized commencement of major projects in Changji Prefecture was held in the silicon-based new materials Industrial Park of Zhundong economic and Technological Development Zone. The total investment of the second batch of 45 key projects other than capacity expansion was 148.9 billion yuan, and it is planned to complete 60.6 billion yuan in the same year

according to the introduction, the 45 key projects started in Zhundong economic and Technological Development Zone this time mainly involve industrial investment in coal power, coal chemical industry, non-ferrous metal rolling, new materials, as well as infrastructure construction projects in Zhundong economic and Technological Industrial Development Zone, Changji national high tech Industrial Development Zone and Fukang City

this year, Changji Prefecture has created a number of projects in line with the development direction of new industries and new formats with new ideas, new models and new thinking. At the same time, it has determined the objectives and tasks of the "five year plan, one-year construction and three-year completion" of the "13th five year plan" investment plan, and adopted various cooperation modes such as EPC, PPP and epc+bot to attract the private capital of "state-owned" central enterprises in various fields and major domestic enterprises and groups to invest and develop in Chang. A total of 1570 key projects with a total investment of 643.2 billion yuan have been sorted out and determined locally

Bazhou: on April 7, Bazhou started 24 projects with a total investment of 6.258 billion yuan, involving textile and clothing, ecological environmental protection, mineral processing, trade logistics, characteristic agriculture and other fields

since March, Bazhou has started 2 batches of 78 projects. The commencement of these major projects is of great significance for Bazhou to further consolidate the foundation of industrial development, improve the level of industrial development, benefit level and competitiveness, give better play to the positive role of investment in maintaining stability, stabilizing growth, promoting reform, adjusting structure, improving efficiency, increasing momentum, and enhancing its ability to deal with trade protectionism, and strive to achieve the growth target of 50% fixed asset investment put forward by the autonomous region

Aksu Region: on March 23, Aksu region held the centralized commencement ceremony of key projects in Aksu economic and Technological Development Zone and Aksu textile industrial city (Development Zone)

on the same day, Aksu city held a centralized commencement ceremony of 29 key projects in Aksu economic and Technological Development Zone, including industry, agriculture, municipal administration and health, with a total investment of 4.069 billion yuan. 22 key projects of Aksu textile industrial city (Development Zone) have also been started, with a total investment of about 4.93 billion yuan. The projects cover many fields, such as textiles and clothing, people's livelihood and social undertakings

on March 24, 139 projects in all counties of Aksu Prefecture started at the same time, involving infrastructure, social undertakings, agriculture, forestry, water and animal husbandry, ecological environmental protection and other fields, with a total investment of 11.108 billion yuan

it is understood that from March 23 to 24, 190 projects were started in all counties (cities) and Aksu textile industrial city (Development Zone) in Aksu region, with a total investment of 20.105 billion yuan. In 2017, it is planned to complete an investment of 14.51 billion yuan

Kezhou: on April 7, there were a large number of people on the construction site of Atush passenger terminal project, which is located in the suburb of Atush. A centralized commencement ceremony of major projects in Kezhou is being held here. This time, 129 projects were started in Kezhou, with an annual planned investment of 7.56 billion yuan, covering three counties, one city and two ports in the whole Prefecture, involving investment projects in agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, transportation, energy, social undertakings, urban infrastructure construction, Dubian village and other infrastructure projects

it is reported that in 2017, Kezhou plans to complete a fixed asset investment of 23.2 billion yuan, and plans to implement 351 investment projects, an increase of 50% over 2016. The investment intensity and growth rate are the highest over the years. The 129 projects started this time have all met the commencement conditions, and other projects will be started in succession within the year

Hami City: on the morning of April 7, Hami City held a centralized commencement ceremony for major projects in this cycle for a period of time. 86 major projects started construction, covering transportation, urban construction, comprehensive energy, coal chemical industry, social and people's livelihood and other fields, with an annual planned investment of 11.5 billion yuan

it is understood that since the beginning of this year, Hami City has adhered to early planning, early arrangement, early deployment and early commencement, and formulated an annual plan to increase infrastructure investment and industrial investment projects, including infrastructure, industrial, public service and urban and rural infrastructure. There are a total of 701 projects with a total investment of 178.9 billion yuan. By the end of March, 315 projects had been fully started, with an investment of 4.1 billion yuan

Tacheng region: on April 7, the first batch of 252 projects were started in Tacheng region, accounting for 31.6% of the reserved projects. The annual planned investment was 16.912 billion yuan, accounting for 28.3% of the annual plan

it is understood that there are 35 projects in Tacheng City, 42 projects in Emin County, 42 projects in Wusu city, 60 projects in Shawan County, 10 projects in Tori County, 31 projects in Yumin County, 30 projects in bukesser county and 42 projects in Wusu city. The annual planned investment is 4.145 billion yuan

this year, based on the characteristics of investment driven economy, Tacheng region has studied and determined 797 projects in 10 major fields, with an annual planned investment of 57.7 billion yuan

Turpan: as a city with the reputation of "the first spring in Xinjiang", Turpan is the first place to warm up in Xinjiang, which also makes the process of construction projects in Turpan take the lead in Xinjiang. In March this year, Gaochang District, Shanshan county and tuokesun County of Turpan city respectively held a centralized commencement ceremony for key projects. On April 7, Turpan made persistent efforts to launch 121 projects, which made "Huozhou" hot again

it is understood that the projects of centralized commencement and resumption of work on that day are mainly municipal key projects in 2017, covering 9 major fields, a total of 121 projects, with a total investment of 89.5 billion yuan, and a planned investment of 28.5 billion yuan in 2017

Bozhou: on April 7, 97 major projects were started in Bozhou, with an annual planned investment of 5.06 billion yuan. Up to now, Bozhou has accumulated 8. Limit protection: 335 centralized projects with mechanical and program-controlled limit protection functions have been started, with an annual planned investment of 25.44 billion yuan

this year, Bozhou will implement 746 fixed asset investment and construction projects, with an annual planned investment of 54.1 billion yuan. At present, the accumulated projects under construction involve industries, water conservancy, agriculture, urban construction, education, health care, grass-roots political power construction, industrial development and other fields

Altay region: on April 7, 63 major projects in Altay region started construction, with a planned investment of 16.8 billion yuan. The major projects under centralized construction this time account for 55% of the total annual tasks of Altay region, including the reconstruction and expansion of Altay airport, the large-scale irrigation area in Buerjin, the desert highway from Fuhai to Wujiaqu, the saltohai water control project on Qinghe River and other major projects

the number and scale of projects started on that day are unprecedented in Altay's history. They are an important measure to remedy weaknesses, promote development, benefit people's livelihood, ensure stability, and consolidate the foundation of social stability and long-term stability. This year, the Altay region will make every effort to complete the investment target of more than 30 billion yuan and continuously improve the sense of gain and happiness of the people of all ethnic groups

Karamay City: on April 7, Karamay City held a centralized commencement ceremony for major projects. A total of 41 projects were launched this time, involving oil and gas exploration and development, oil refining and chemical industry, equipment manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection, cloud computing big data and other fields, with a total investment of 17.5 billion yuan

the fixed asset investment arrangement task of Karamay City in 2017 was 29billion yuan. In order to ensure the successful completion of the target tasks, the city has broken down the annual fixed investment tasks by 30billion yuan. Among them, 19.2 billion yuan is in the energy sector, 2.55 billion yuan in the trade and circulation sector, 2.5 billion yuan in the social undertakings sector, 2.3 billion yuan in the real estate and construction sector, 1.05 billion yuan in the manufacturing sector, and 1.4 billion yuan in the urban infrastructure sector

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