23 people died and 13 people were injured. When wi

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Tragic! 23 dead, 13 injured! When can the "safety red line" not be crossed

tragic! 23 dead, 13 injured! When can the "safety red line" not be crossed

october 25, 2019

on October 22, Shaanxi binchangdafosi Mining Co., Ltd. had a gas suffocation accident, resulting in 4 deaths and 1 injury. The mine belongs to Shaanxi coal and Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. and is a key state-owned enterprise. It is preliminarily understood that the rescue team entered the roadway for exploration after the high extraction roadway was opened and sealed, resulting in casualties of the rescue team

it is understood that explosion, fire and other accidents have occurred frequently recently, causing great harm to enterprises and employees, and causing great panic to the industry and local residents

on the afternoon of October 21, the factory with an annual output of more than 18 million vehicles of various types at Pangshan Industrial Park, Daling mountain, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, exploded. Smoke billowed on the scene, black mushroom clouds appeared in the sky, and black smoke circles slowly rose

at 2:31 on October 20, Fujian Nan'an Fire Rescue Department received the alarm, and a fire broke out in Meilin street Qiuhong sanitary ware factory. After receiving the report, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government immediately organized relevant departments to carry out fire fighting and personnel treatment, and the open fire was put out at about 4 o'clock. The fire caused 4 deaths and 3 injuries. The injured were sent to hospital for treatment

at 4:32 on October 18, a fire broke out in a factory building in Xinwei village, Houjie Town, Dongguan City. The command center immediately dispatched 23 fire engines and 88 commanders and fighters from Houjie, Humen, Dalingshan and other brigades to the scene for disposal, and the full service headquarters of the detachment went out. At 4:37, the fire fighting force arrived at the site for disposal, and at 6:10, the fire was under control

at about 11:15 a.m. on October 15, Guangxi Lanke New Material Technology Co., Ltd. had a safety production accident, resulting in 4 deaths and 8 injuries, of which 2 were seriously injured

at 11:15 on October 15, a poisonous gas leakage accident occurred in Jinyao chemical company, Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province during equipment emergency repair, resulting in 3 deaths and 2 hospitalizations

at about 11:27 on October 12, a fire broke out in Guangdong Tianyuan Industrial Group Co., Ltd. According to the people's Government of Qingxi Town, at about 11:35, there were 4 fire engines in Qingxi fire brigade, and 20 commanders and fighters arrived at the scene for disposal with the deepening of building energy conservation

at about 13:10 on October 11, Tang moulian, a attendant at the sewage treatment station of Shaanxi Ankang Hengxiang Biochemical Co., Ltd., fell into the sewage flocculation mixing tank while checking the sewage conditions. In the rescue process, five employees of the enterprise, including Mr. Lu and others, fell into the pool one after another. A total of 6 people died of poisoning and suffocation

at about 2:20 p.m. on October 10, a nitric acid storage tank of Ashland (Nanjing) Chemical Co., Ltd. in Nanjing Chemical Industry Park leaked, and there were no casualties

at 1:29 p.m. on October 3, a fire broke out in xinyijia Technology Co., Ltd. in the industrial concentration area of Liangcha Town, Lianshui County, Huai'an City, Jiangsu Province. The fire was put out at about 5 p.m. The accident resulted in 6 deaths, and the cause is under investigation

in less than a month, 9 accidents occurred, causing 23 deaths and 13 injuries, causing great losses to the lives and property safety of the people

recently, the emergency management department held a special video conference on safe production of hazardous chemicals. The conference thoroughly implemented the important instructions of national leaders on safe production, and made it clear that the measures taken by some regions and enterprises to prevent the rebound of post holiday accidents were not implemented in place, exposing that some regions have outstanding problems such as the bottom line of safe development cannot be maintained, and the situation of safe production of hazardous chemicals is still grim and complex

the meeting required all units to comprehensively and deeply investigate the potential risks in view of the problems exposed by accidents and the new situation in the safe production of hazardous chemicals, highlight the management of enterprises that may be involved in chemical projects, implement supervision one by one, and strictly prevent accidents

many provinces, cities and regions across the country attached great importance to it and held meetings to organize leaders of enterprises in key industries to learn and carry out major safety inspections in key industries, so as to do a good job in troubleshooting hidden dangers in time

the Meteorological Bureau of Guanghe County, Gansu Province, formed a joint inspection team jointly with the emergency management and fire protection departments, but the problem of excess capacity still exists. A special safety inspection was conducted for flammable and explosive places in the county. The rectification opinions shall be issued on the spot for the problems found, and the inspected unit shall be ordered to rectify within a time limit and eliminate the hidden dangers in time

the Public Security Bureau of Gongxian County, Yibin, Sichuan Province, carried out a major inspection of potential safety hazards in the industrial park under its jurisdiction, inspected the operation of major hazard sources, sulfuric acid storage, dangerous goods transport vehicles, emergency materials storage, public security monitoring and fire control monitoring of the enterprise, informed the enterprise of the problems found in the inspection, and ordered it to rectify the hidden dangers immediately

Guangdong Province

Jiangmen high tech Zone Emergency Management Bureau, urban management, market supervision, fire protection and other units successively went to the first city fishing village of lile street and lile bottled gas supply station of Huayu liquefied petroleum gas Co., Ltd. to comprehensively investigate the potential safety hazards in the storage, operation, transportation, use and other aspects of liquefied petroleum gas

the market supervision and Administration Bureau of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region organized the product quality and safety supervision and management office to form a special inspection team for hazardous chemicals to conduct special inspections on the quality and safety of hazardous chemicals in key areas, key enterprises and densely populated places such as Urumqi and Changji Prefecture. The inspection team went to five enterprises including Urumqi Dongquan acetylene gas plant, Changji Yanshan acetylene gas plant and Hutubi ruiyuantong Chemical Co., Ltd. to focus on the on-site inspection of dissolved acetylene, Industrial formaldehyde solution, industrial hexamethylene tetramine, crude benzene and other products

according to insiders, the month of each year is the high incidence period of accidents. Especially for key industries such as chemical industry, the alarm bell should be sounded for a long time, and there should be no slackening. We should actively cooperate with safety inspection, and do a good job in self inspection and self correction, hidden danger investigation, and closed-loop management of rectification to ensure safety to the greatest extent

part of the reason behind these last accidents is that some enterprises have a fluke mentality, lax management, neglect professional skills and safety training, focus on interests, and everything other than interests is listed as "unimportant"

deal with the inspection, formalize the emergency drill, do not lose heart in the troubleshooting of hidden dangers, ignore the problems that arise, do not seriously rectify, and rush to make profits. Perfunctory work over and over again will eventually lead to great disaster; Another part of the reason is that employees' professional quality is not high and their skills are not professional enough

it is understood that the German chemical industry requires employees to have several years of apprenticeship before they can really work independently. However, some domestic enterprises recruit employees mainly from local people, and "do it when you come" accounts for a large proportion. These employees do not have in-depth understanding and learning about the working mechanism, but just mechanically do assembly line operations, do not pay attention to standardized operations, do not always remember the safety awareness of the red line, and do not even know how to deal with the possible problems and dangers at work, This kind of unprofessional also causes many accidents nowadays, which is also an important factor for the smooth progress of the experiment and the accuracy of the experimental results

in recent years, the domestic chemical industry has experienced a series of measures such as environmental protection supervision, major inspection of hazardous chemicals and transportation, but accidents in the chemical industry still occur frequently. The occurrence of each accident has caused extremely adverse effects. It has not only caused huge economic losses to the enterprise, or even shut down the business, but also made the chemical workers in the already precarious chemical industry more jittery. Behind the fall of each life, there are the misfortunes and tears of a family

the best attitude is to be vigilant at all times, not to lose safety awareness, and not to take the form of safety professional skill training

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