Effect drawing of 160 square meters Chinese style

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Community: Nanhu villa

house type: three rooms

area: 160 square meters

decoration style: Chinese style

decoration cost: about half a package of 100000

decoration company: Wuhan Aohua decoration

decoration bidding: http://www.whjzw.net/zb/

more renderings: http://www.whjzw.net/Pirture/zhongshi/

owner's information: this case is 160 square meters, three bedrooms, three story staggered structure, the owner is middle-aged, loves Chinese literature, style: the design style is oriented to Chinese style, which reflects the scholar's style in the design, simple and elegant

design itself comes from life. If you experience life with your heart, you will get a different feeling of space...

this set of schemes takes Chinese style as the theme, and skillfully matches various spatial elements such as color, material, space, jewelry, etc., highlighting personality, simplicity, elegance, and elegance. The original structure of this house type is staggered floor, local lighting is insufficient, and the visual space is relatively limited

in general, the whole scheme is linked from the early design to the late accessories, making the whole space perfectly match the Chinese style, showing a kind of life, a kind of taste, a kind of concept




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