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A fascinating video shot at a Chinese factory shows how fast manual work can be handled through automation technology

these small yellow robots serve Shentong express, a logistics company in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

these robots are produced by Hikvision, which can automatically charge and sort 200000 parcels a day, which is more accurate than manual sorting

"we want to launch robot services nationwide, especially in some of our larger (sorting) centers," a Shentong spokesman told the South China Morning Post, adding that these robots have improved efficiency by 30%

the job of the staff is to give each package to the robot, and then the robot will transport these packages to the correct conveying chute on the warehouse floor

in 2013, China Shentong express still sorted parcels through employees. Now most of the sorting work of the company is done by robots

"our workflow is to scan the barcode to match the geographical location information, and then the robot will automatically calculate the path to find the corresponding delivery point," said Gao Peng, the operation director

China has been eager to improve production automation. In its five-year plan, China announced that its annual output of industrial robots would triple to 100000 units by 2020

On Tuesday, Bank of Canada executives warned that Canadians should be prepared for the adverse consequences of automation, such as unemployment and income inequality

production equipment of sealing dispenser of Dalian Huagong Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.

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