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Wood floors are often used in the decoration of modern home floors, which can first bring a warm feeling to the family, and then the later loss is relatively small compared with the floor tiles. However, there are many ways to pave wooden floors. In life, we often ask such questions as "is it better to pave the floor horizontally or vertically"! Now let's follow the editor to see about the direction of wood floor paving and paving precautions

wood floors are often used in modern home floor decoration, which can first bring a warm feeling to the family, and then the later loss is relatively small compared with the floor tiles. However, there are many ways to lay wooden floors. In life, we often ask “ Is the floor laid horizontally or vertically ” And so on! Now let's follow the editor to see about the direction of wood floor paving and paving precautions

wood floor paving direction

1) find the benchmark paving

take the long side direction of the living room as the paving direction. If the living room is paved with the floor, other rooms will also follow the direction of the living room; If the living room is not paved with solid wood floors, then the long side direction of the restaurant shall prevail; Other rooms are paved in the same direction; If there is no wooden floor in the restaurant, each room can be paved independently, and the direction of the long side of each room shall prevail, so it is not necessary to maintain the same direction

2) light source

the laying direction of solid wood floor can be laid along the light source

3) walkway

generally, the walkway is relatively narrow, so it should be laid along the walkway

in fact, Xiaobian believes that there is no fixed laying direction of solid wood flooring, and there is no laying principle. Beauty and comfort are the first principles that should be pursued

precautions for floor paving

1. Ventilate the floor before installation to remove odor and humidity

generally, people usually pay attention to the content of formaldehyde when buying floors, but forget the existence of formaldehyde before installation. Ventilating the floor before installation can not only adapt the floor to the climate from the processing plant to the decoration site, but also remove the smell and dry it. However, it doesn't take much effort to play such a big role. Just take apart all the packages and fold the floor into “ Well ” Font, no more than 1 meter, can achieve the desired effect

when the floor is paved, some owners will suddenly find that the floor of their home is not flat enough, and the gap between the foot line and the floor is relatively large. This will not only affect the visual beauty, but also affect the service life of the floor, and even the sound insulation effect is relatively poor. During the decoration, pay attention to keep the ground flat, and the height difference within 2 meters is less than 5 mm. Strictly following the requirements will avoid many problems of late floor maintenance

2. In the process of floor paving, attention should be paid to the straightness of joints

floor paving, the long side of the floor is generally free of glue, and the short side of the floor can be determined according to the specific geographical and climatic conditions. Whether to use D3 waterproof glue designated by the company for installation, and the staggered distance of the short side joints of adjacent floors should not be less than 300mm. When the paving width in the regular room type is greater than 12M, it is appropriate to adopt batten partition treatment. In addition, during the floor paving process, attention should be paid to maintaining the straightness of the seam in the long side direction of the floor

3. Pay attention not to injure the room pipeline when laying the floor.

generally, the designer of the decoration scheme will directly give it to the decoration master after leaving. It's good to meet a careful master. In case of carelessness, the pipeline laying of each room is not clear, but the installation of the floor will break the pipeline. These problems can only be found when the project is accepted. In this way, it is not only necessary to reinstall the pipeline, but also a waste of time, which is really a multiplier effect. In fact, as long as the decorator is reminded to clarify the area of the surface spring pipeline before installation, such emergencies can be avoided

4. The surface of the floor should be dry and flat

the surface of the floor should be dry, clean, flat and firm, and the flatness should be less than 3mm/2m. If keel is used for laying, the paving requirements of wood keel, rough floor and other cushions shall comply with the relevant requirements of cecs191:2005 technical specification for wood floor paving engineering of China Association for engineering construction standardization

5. Pay attention to the consistency of floor laying height

whether the floor laying height is consistent directly affects the beauty of floor laying. Therefore, the model must be selected according to the laying thickness to prevent height difference, which not only affects the visual beauty, but also reduces the service life of the floor. Make full preparations before installation, pay attention to various precautions, and do all the work in advance, which will save time and effort for your post maintenance and money. Why not

wood floor maintenance

1. Keep clean and dry

when using solid wood floor, it should be maintained from time to time in order to prolong its service life. During normal use, keep the floor dry and clean, and avoid contact with a large amount of water. When cleaning, you can use a special cleaner to clean the floor. Avoid using corrosive solutions such as alkaline water and soapy water, and do not use flammable and high-temperature solutions such as gasoline and alcohol

2. Wax regularly

it is best to wax solid wood floors every other period of time, and wax and maintain them at least twice a year. The method is to wipe the floor with a clean semi dry cloth first, and then wax it. The floor wax should be evenly applied and “ Soak ”, After it dries a little, wipe it back and forth on the floor with a dry soft cloth until it is smooth and transparent. Note: if the laminate floor is laid at home, there is no need to wax

3. Avoid direct sunlight and high-temperature sharp objects

the paved floor should minimize direct sunlight to prevent the paint from drying and aging in advance after too much ultraviolet radiation. Do not throw cigarette butts, matches and other kindling on the floor, so as not to scorch the surface of the floor; At the same time, sharp and sharp objects should be avoided from being scratched and heavy objects should be pressed for a long time

4. Individual damage and maintenance

during the use of solid wood floors, if individual floors are found to be warped or falling off, the floors should be taken up in time, the old glue and dust should be removed, the new glue should be applied and compacted; If the paint film of individual floors is damaged or exposed white, it can be polished with 400 water sandpaper dipped in soapy water, and then wiped clean. After it is dry, local color compensation is carried out. After the color is dry, a coat of paint is brushed. After 24 hours of drying, it is polished with 400 water sandpaper, and then polished with wax

editor's summary: that's all for the direction of wood flooring. After understanding the laying rules of wood flooring, I believe that when you decorate your own home, you will be able to lay your own satisfactory wood flooring. If you have any other questions, you can leave a message and we will reply to you as soon as possible! For more information, you can follow the information




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