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The advertiser said: Food and sex are also good! This sentence is in line with the popular trend of kitchens. In the past, there were some colors in the kitchen, but most of them were relatively simple, and because the materials were relatively low-end, even if there were colors, they were not satisfactory. But in fact, from the analysis of chromatics, color does have the effect of enhancing people's appetite. For example, orange red, orange yellow, brown, etc. can strongly stimulate appetite in daily life

Market Research: the sales of mid-range cabinets fell

five years ago, cabinets were not the focus of home decoration. At that time, it was fashionable to build a stove with bricks and paste tiles. Over the past five years, the overall cabinet has taken the lead, but the material is slightly low-end. Generally, Aijia board and blister board are used. Their base materials are particleboard and medium density fiberboard, but the surface is slightly different. The former is made by soaking paper with different colors or textures in melamine resin adhesive, and then drying and curing it to the surface of the board by hot pressing. The latter is formed by vacuum blistering on the surface of the density board or by one-time seamless PVC film pressing process

the reporter visited many cabinet brands. It is understood that the most prominent change in the cabinet market at present is the obvious decline in the sales of middle-end products. According to the estimates of senior insiders, the sales volume of mid-range cabinets fell by about 15%. However, the sales volume of high-end cabinets of 50000-100000 yuan is increasing significantly. Some insiders believe that as a downstream industry of the real estate industry, the market trend echoes the real estate market. "Although the property market as a whole is depressed, the impact on high-end consumer groups such as villas and luxury houses is not obvious, and these people will still choose high-end building materials. But for working-class workers such as white-collar workers, with the increase of down payment and the soaring prices of decoration and furniture, the cheaper the better to choose cabinet products, which directly drives the middle-end consumer groups into the low-end cabinet market." Designer zhouyingfang told reporters

frontier observation: cabinet "face" is quietly changing

in the furniture industry, shiny piano baking paint and luxury furniture with gold and silver stickers have been the mainstream of high-end products in the past two years. However, judging from the information from the kitchen furniture exhibition at the Milan Furniture Exhibition last year, the European furniture exhibition at the beginning of the year and the international fashion industry, the shiny and luxurious style has ebbed, and the popularity has shifted to natural, fresh Elegant yet noble low-key luxury and natural style

one is to use the combination of board and wood to make cabinet door panels, and the style is mostly classical. The door frame is made of solid wood, mainly cherry, walnut and oak. The door core is made of medium density board pasted with solid wood skin. During the production, the concave convex shape is generally made on the solid wood surface, and the exterior is painted, so as to maintain the log color and beautiful shape. This can ensure the special visual effect of solid wood, and the combination of frame and core board can ensure the strength of door panel

the latest cabinet product on the market is the flagship product from the classic style of northern Europe. It adopts solid wood veneers such as ebony and sour wood, and the crystal baking paint finish, which makes the whole door panel look very bright. Through the crystal, the texture and color of ebony and sour wood veneer are perfectly reflected. In terms of design, door panels and hanging cabinets are no longer simple planes, but extremely elegant and smooth arcs, showing a jumping texture and a natural sense of luxury art

color change: "color inducement" owners increase appetite

previously, the color of cabinets usually required to show a clean hue, mainly including colors with small gray scale and high lightness, such as white, milky white, light yellow, etc., but now on this basis, add colors that stimulate appetite, such as orange red, orange yellow, brown, etc. However, the latest color experts believe that red and yellow will increase hunger, thereby enhancing people's appetite, especially red, which can most arouse people's appetite. And green, which represents health, is also deeply loved by people

form change: functional zoning is becoming more and more detailed

in the past, the kitchen was narrow, mostly L-shaped and straight-line, but now it is different. High end cabinets are mainly used in large houses such as villas, most of which have added western food areas, and some even specially designed independent Island platforms. Although the surrounding operation platforms are still L-shaped, independent Island platforms are a typical design layout of open kitchen in villas. The addition of Daotai not only increases the storage space, but also creates an excellent living space for coffee making and wine tasting

there is also the introduction of intelligent kitchen appliances. Most kitchen appliances are hidden inside, and the invisible handle design of the ground cabinet, even the solid wood drawer is hidden. With the induction light hanging cabinet, the whole set of products looks extremely simple and generous





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