China allocates subsidies in public rental housing

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China allocates subsidies in public rental housing to increase population - Today News Post Today News || News Headlines

Beijing [China], November 25 (ANI): Beijing is giving priority to the allocation of public rental housing by providing subsidies to families with two or more children which is the first of its kind.

According to Weibo, the Chinese microblogging site, it’s understood that cost of raising three children can be enough to buy a house in China.

Earlier, July this year, the central authorities unveiled a policy document aimed at reducing childrearing and education costs and building a “fertility-friendly society” as a follow-up move to the policy decision of allowing all couples to have three childrenThe bot account.. Less than six years ago, in October 2015The COVID-19 pandemic,On the other hand, China relaxed its more than three-decade-old stringent family planning policy, allowing all couples to have two children.

This swift change in the family planning policy should be seen against the backdrop of China’s rapidly ageing population and low birth ratePresident Ronald Reagan and first lady Nancy Reagan wave to onlookers a.

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